научно - методический и информационный журнал Вестник НЦБЖД

Dear Colleagues!

The editorial board of the scientific-methodical and information journal «Vestnik NTsBZhD» invites authors to publish original articles containing innovative approaches, methods and means of solving problems of life safety, research results and guidelines in this field, highlighting the experience of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia and foreign countries.

Sections of the journal:

  • - Pedagogical sciences;
  • - Safety of human activity;
  • - Instrumentation, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems.

An electronic version of the article and information about the author (s) is submitted to the editors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the obligatory indication in the column subject «Article to the «Vestnik NTsBZhD»»

Together with the article, a scanned version of the application is sent to the editorial office, signed by all authors (a sample of the form “The authors' application to the editorial office of the «Vestnik NTsBZhD» magazine” is a file link in MS Word).

Before submitting an article, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the publication ethics, requirements for the design of articles and the order of their review.

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of «Vestnik NTsBZhD» undergo a mandatory check for the uniqueness of the material and the amount of borrowing in the Antiplagiat automated checking system and the expert assessment procedure - “double-blind (anonymous) reviewing”.

The preparation of an article for publication, carried out by the editorial staff of the journal, consists in literary editing and bringing the text to the required editorial standards adopted in the journal. Editorial changes are agreed with the authors.

The editors of the journal do not enter into a substantive discussion of articles, correspondence on the method of writing and formatting scientific articles with the authors and are not engaged in bringing the articles to the required scientific and methodological level.

Publication in the journal is free of charge. The journal does not charge a fee for processing manuscripts and preparing articles for printing.

Dear authors, we draw your attention to the fact that since January 1, 2019, changes have been made to the section "Requirements for the design of articles".

Requirements for published articles

The submitted manuscripts must correspond to the subject of the journal, be original, not previously published in other printed or electronic publications. In order to correctly prepare the manuscript, the Editorial Board has developed the "Requirements for the design of articles".

The following data should be indicated at the beginning of the article:

1. Information about the authors

  • - surname, name, patronymic of all authors in full (in Russian and English);
  • - the full name of the organization - the place of work of each author in the nominative case, country, city (in Russian and English). If all authors of the article work in the same institution, you do not have to specify the place of work of each author separately;
  • - organization unit; position, academic title, academic degree; other information about the authors (in Russian and English);
  • - email address for each author;
  • - the correspondent postal address and telephone number for contacts with the authors of the article (one is possible for all authors) (in Russian and English).

2. Title of the article

The title of the article is typed in capital letters, with the use of bold and italic text, as well as centering. One should avoid titles in the form of interrogative sentences, as well as titles with ambiguous meaning. It is given in Russian and English.

3. Abstract

It is given in Russian and English in 50-100 words.

The abstract should include a description of the main topic, the problems addressed by the author, the goals of the work, the methodology and its results. Annotations should not contain formulas, references to bibliographic sources and abbreviations (if possible). It is not recommended to quote from the text of the article. The English version of abstract is aimed for international audience. It should be written in good-shaped language and be original (not a direct word-by-word translation of the Russian version of the abstract).

4. Keywords

Key words (8-10) are given in Russian and English.

5. Thematic rubric (code)

It is necessary to specify the UDC code (determined in accordance with the general library classifier).

6. The main text

The volume of the article for publication in the journal is 6-12 pages (at least 20,000 characters).

The text of the article should be typed in MS Word text editor, Times New Roman font, font size - 14, line spacing - 1.5, indentation - 1.25 cm, fields above, below, left, right - 2 cm, page numbering solid, starting from the first. Footnotes are in []. Example: [1, p. 44], that is, the source number 1, page No. 44.

All abbreviations must be fully decoded upon first use, with the exception of generally accepted abbreviations and terms.

Information about grants and acknowledgement is given in the form of a footnote at the end of the first page of the article.

Spaces and tabs are not allowed for formatting paragraph indent (“red line”) and alignment other than left or middle; endnotes.

The text should not have double spaces and double paragraphs (blank lines).

7. Signatures to illustrations, tables, charts, graphs

Signatures are written in Times New Roman size 14 without italics. The figures in the tables, charts and graphs should be carefully verified by the author and should not diverge from the text of the article. The numbering of tables, charts, graphs and illustrations should be carried out in Arabic numerals. Latin object names are typed in lowercase italics.

8. Formulas

Mathematical formulas are made through the formula editor "MathType", and their numbering is affixed on the left side.

9. References, References and Links

Intra-text, subscript, text-related bibliographic references are made in accordance with GOST 7.05-2008.

In the journal «Vestnik NTsBZhD», the Harvard citation style is used: in the list of references, the references are numbered alphabetically.

References are made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003 “Bibliographic Record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules for drafting”and in accordance with international standards adopted by the editors - References (in the Romanesque alphabet).

The list of references should not exceed 10 sources.

The bibliography should primarily contain, in addition to the fundamental works of the publication over the past 5 years, articles from journals and links to highly cited sources, including those from the Scopus database and the Web of Science.

Links to online sources must be reliable, durable and verifiable. As a minimum, the full URL and the date of the referral when the link was available should be given. You should also indicate any other additional information: digital identifier Digital Object Identifier (DOI), authors' names, dates, references to publication sources, etc. (for articles published after 2013). Availability of DOI articles can be checked at: http://search.crossref.org.

Requirements for the design of articles

The order of reviewing articles

To the editorial office of the journal «Vestnik NTsBZhD»