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Вестник НЦБЖД, ГБУ "Научный центр безопасности жизнедеятельности"

To authors

Dear colleagues!

The editorship of the journal «Vestnik NTSBGD» invites everybody who is interested in problems of Safety to send one’s own papers, comments and take another part in publishing of the magazine.

Headings of the journal: "Instrumentation, Metrology and information-measuring devices and systems", "Safety of human activity", "Pedagogical Sciences".

The advanced article (on the disk or by e-mail), review of research advisor or outside scientific agency is given to the editorship. The detached articles should be formed in conformity with the rules accepted in the journal. In the mail to the address (guncbgd@mail.ru) in the line «Theme» it must be pointed: «Paper». The decision about the publication is come to by the editorial board. The publication is free, the fee is not paid.

The link to the journal is compulsive in impression. The editorship does not introduce the text of the internal review to the authors. Listed information is needed to be given with every new incoming article independent from if the author publishes first or second time.

Demand on releasable papers

In every scientific paper of the publishing magazine next information is must be pointed out:

1. Information about the authors

-surname, name, father’s name of the authors (in Russian and English);
-full name of the institution – each author’s workplace, country, city (in Russian and English). If all the authors work in the same place, it is not necessary to point out the workplace of each of them;
-each author’s email address;
-correspondent postal address and the telephone numbers for contacting with authors of the papers (it can be one for all).

2. The title of paper

It is indicated in Russian and English.

3. Abstract

It is indicated in Russian and English.

4. Key words

Key words or phrases are divided from each other by semicolon. Key words are indicated in Russian and English.

5. Subject column (code)

Willing to oblige – the code of UDC and/or SRSTI and/or SCADT (according the operative nomenclature of scientific workers speciality).

6. References

It must be no more 10 sources. There must be a reference to them in the paper. The references and/or the list of the literature in the paper should be formed as per GOST Standard 7.0.5 2008. Bibliographical ref. General requirements and rules.

The text must be typed in the text editor, the page setup: the head left margin –2,5 см, tail right margin – 2 см, header text – 1.5 см, report footer – 2.5 см; body paper font – Times New Roman 14 font size, interval minimum 18, indention – 1.25 sm. Using bold body font, scoring under, also execution of indents with spaces are not permissible. Numbers of the page are put in the center of the report footer. Mathematic and chemical symbols in formulas and equations, inferior and superior indexes at the text of the paper and on the pictures are typed with 12 font size. Each equation (if the equation captures several lines, each line is apart) is typed at the same editor like text and formed in terms of not containing blank margins of sidebar with the center alignment. The fragments of the formulas should not be highlighted.

The optimal volume of the article for publication in the journal is 5-12 pages.

The rules of reviewing of the scientific articles

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